One Year of Blogging!

A few days ago the one year anniversary of Entertainment Review Project occurred very silently. Our lives have been amazingly occupied these last few weeks and as a result our Summer posts have been massively delayed. We are regretful but we are trying to create one last post for Summer (and the first week of Fall) sometime next week, hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

I could tell you all that has happened: doctor’s appointments, vacation, power outage, etc., but this would just bog down the simple fact that life happened and we’ve been busy. Fear not! We’re okay and have managed to keep watching anime (probably been the one thing helping us through tough times), which you may have realized by my posting of the Rinne review.

Hopefully your lives have been much better than our last month and thank you for reading and supporting this blog for the past year. I’m honestly surprised we’ve been able to keep it going and so, so thankful that anyone bothers to read it. Let’s just keep up hope that this one year turns into two, three, and many more into the future.

Thank you for reading!


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