Trystan: Summer 2015 Week 10 – FINAL & Fall 2015 Week 1 & 2

Summer Week 10 – Final

Rokka no Yuusha episodes 11 & 12

HOLY CRAP. Sooooooo……the seventh was totally who I’ve wanted it to be all along. I’m way too happy over it. They manage to get away though and are still out there at the end of the show AND to top it all off another brave shows up. So, we’re right back where we started. I’m okay with it to be honest but really the chances of Rokka getting a season two are rare and that’s what upsets me. If I’d know there would be a follow up this would be fine but knowing there’s probably not going to be is what hurts. If there does turn out to be one, I’ll be pleased as punch.

Charlotte episodes 11, 12, & 13

So a lot happens in the last three episodes that I don’t feel like spoiling for anyone. Let’s just say that I cried a lot. A lot more than I’d like to admit. The ending is unfair and terrible and simultaneously the only real way I can see it ending. I definitely recommend you watch this show and get wrecked.

Pillow Boys (Makura no Danshi) episodes 10, 11, & 12

Episode 10 is the flower arranging danshi, who are also the twins. The twins were creepy. That’s all that needs to be mentioned there. Episode 11 is food stall danshi. This one is older and runs a food stall you visit. He sounds pretty wise but you realize quickly that it’s basically an act and he should probably stop drinking. It was nice. And episode 12 is a young Merry. It ends with him turning into older Merry and it made me quite happy. It felt a lot like returning home as the last episode and I really appreciated that feeling. Basically I enjoyed Pillow boys a little too much.

My Love Story!! episodes 23 & 24

The last two episodes of My Love Story!! do something they haven’t in the series yet: introduce a male love rival. Yamato gets a job at her favorite cake shop/bakery and while there she meets enigmatic patisserie Kouki Ichinose. Ichinose falls in love with Yamato and she quickly becomes his muse. Upon finding out she has a boyfriend he quickly asks Takeo to break up with Yamato believing himself to be a better match for her. For the first time in the series we really see Takeo out of it. He can’t stop thinking about it and convincing himself that maybe Ichinose was right. In the end Takeo and Yamato manage to work it out and Ichinose willingly distances himself but doesn’t give up. Definitely a cute little ending to an adorable show.

Aoharu x Machinegun episodes 11 & 12

Tachibana manages to beat Midori at the match by pulling off a one shot head shot. After this Tachibana runs into Yukimura who finally tells Tachibana the whole story surrounding Toy Gun Gun. Honestly the truth makes all of Masamune’s whining a little less credible but nonetheless it has scared him and Midori has been a rule breaking jerk since. After the truth has come to light Tachibana challenges Masamune to a battle. If Tachibana wins then Masamune has to let her rejoin Toy Gun Gun but if she loses then she leaves Toy Gun Gun for good. Tachibana loses multiple times but continues to challenge Masamune to fight. Tachibana’s unwavering determination spark the need to win and fight back in Masamune’s heart and in the end the group makes up.

Food Wars episodes 18 & 19

So, Soma beats the Kurage lady with innovation in episode 18 and in 19 we start all the nonsense with the autumn elections. Soma as well as Megumi, the other two girls in their dorm, Marui and Ibusaki have made it in. You’ll notice that Erina is not participating because she is one of the elite ten and they handle the competition. Erina also tried very hard not to let Soma in but she was out voted. They also spend the episode dealing with curry, the theme of the first competition. We meet Professor Jun, an old alumni of Polar Star Dormitory who hates Juichiro and refuses to talk to Soma because he is related. We also meet Akira Hayama, assistant to Professor Jun. Professor Jun specializes in curry and Akira takes her teachings and puts them to use making amazing curry.

I would like to mention that we would have gotten way more of Food Wars watched but the day we were attempting to watch it my power went out and stayed out. It was out for about 4 hours that day and prevented us from watching anymore Food Wars, so I am sorry about that.

Ranpo Kitan episodes 10 & 11

Ranpo Kitan offered me a surprisingly satisfying ending in the form of Kobayashi’s changing sentiments. Kobayashi willingly offers himself to Namikoshi and will jump off a building and kill himself. Akechi struggles to find a way to save both Namikoshi and Kobayashi but can’t find a way. A way presents itself however in the form of Hashiba who tells Akechi to save Namikoshi while Hashiba will save Kobayashi. The plan manages to work and Kobayashi is surprised and touched to see Hashiba risked his life for him. At the end of the day Kobayashi uses this moment to realize his importance to the world regardless of how boring it maybe. Kobayashi’s newfound willingness to change made the series really worth it to me. It may have been scattered but I cannot explain how happy I was when it appeared Kobayashi was finally taking his life seriously during the end.

Kyoukai no Rinne episodes 23, 24, & 25

The end of Rinne deals with Sakura’s ability to see spirits. Rinne’s grandmother, Tamako, feels bad for causing this situation with Sakura as it is her fault that Sakura has this ability. For this reason Tamako gives Sakura this special candy that prevents her from seeing spirits. While Sakura is blind from the candy she accidentally gets sucked into an underworld competition where evil spirits are trying to kill her. Rinne works tirelessly to keep Sakura safe even though she isn’t aware she’s in any danger. Rinne becomes mildly upset when Sakura can no longer see him and Sakura herself feels quite lonely without always being able to see Rinne. In the end Sakura returns the candy and chooses to see spirits. Overall it was a cute end to the season although the show really has no direction.

God Eater Announcement:

God Eater’s anime is doing weird stuff and by that I mean the last four episodes of the show are not coming out till later this year, maybe the beginning of next year. As such we will no longer be covering God Eater in our posts and it will stay where it is. When it is done and we finish it there may be a review but any episode reviews are out of the question.

Fall Week 1 & 2

Hacka Doll episodes 1 & 2

Hacka Doll is a strangely hilarious short anime. The episodes run about 7 and a half minutes each and are full of jokes and gags that inevitably makes you laugh due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Our show deals with three Hacka Dolls whose goal is to help people find what they are looking for and “advance.” Our main characters are #1, #2, and #3 with some appearances by a boss type character #0. There isn’t a whole lot to talk about with them. #1 tries too hard, #2 just kind of goes with the flow, has an older sister vibe, and #3 is the lazy younger one. What makes the show good though is the sheer amount of stupidity it has. The art periodically goes bad, on purpose. There are times when the camera zooms in on characters faces and it purposefully makes the art lower quality and then returns to normal once it returns to normal. This is especially hilarious in episode two when they are doing strange dance moves and during the dance the art changes from normal to bad and all on purpose. The purpose is that they such and as much as they may want to, they aren’t getting better. Overall an enjoyable start but we’ll see if it can keep it up.

Also the show includes some very interesting jokes that seem to be aimed towards those who have seen Wake Up, Girls!. That is, the studio they visit in episode 2 is exactly like Green Leaves, the guy who enjoys their singing in this same episode is literally a guy from Wake Up, Girls! as well as a couple other jokes I can’t remember right now. I’m not sure why they are doing this but it might be because #1, #2, and #3 are all voiced by voice actresses from Wake Up, Girls!. Why does this matter? Wake Up, Girls! used only new voice actresses who either had no roles or very few roles under their belt. They also named each character in Wake Up, Girls! after their voice actress. So this seems like the most likely reason for the played up jokes but I certainly enjoy them as someone who is a huge fan of Wake Up, Girls!.

He seriously fell for three episodes straight.

K: Return of Kings episodes 1, 2, & 3

We are off to an explosive start in the long awaited sequel to K and K: Missing Kings. During the first three episodes we get a lot of information about the Green Clan but just as much confusion. We still haven’t the female green clan member from the movie but we have learned more about the Green Clan in general such as how their ranking system works and some about what they are up to. Shiro takes his sweet time falling through the air and only just arrived in the third episode. But what an entrance. I can’t wait to see how this season turns out and am excited about the return of a favorite.

If you’d like to get in on the K hype you can watch the entire first season and the movie, as well as the current season, it is available free to watch on Hulu for those in North America.

Attack on Titan Junior High episodes 1 & 2

I’m not sure what I expected out of this show but man, I got way more. Attack on Titan Junior High is the parody show you didn’t know you needed. Even the opening is an amazing parody of the original iconic Attack on Titan theme, video included, all in fantastically, strange Chibi form. Everyone’s personalities are intact but adapted to high school life, Titans now eat lunch boxes instead of people, and somehow Levi and his group are just senpais in an illegal school club. Armin wears a blanket on his head to stop from getting sick, Sasha still eats nonstop, and their cadet instructor returns as their teacher for Junior High. I love it.

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation episodes 1 & 2

This has proven to be quite an interesting little show. It revolves around Sakurako, a girl extremely obsessed with bones, and Shoutaro Tatewaki, a boy who acts as her assistant. As he tells us in the first episode when he and Sakurako are together they often run into dead bodies. The one thing that really stuck out to me during the first episode is that it looks like a movie. This show looks like I’m supposed to be watching it on a huge screen and be taken aback by the beautiful scenery and the way the cherry blossoms fall. The characters are so average that they’re great. It’s the type of show where you come to appreciate the more realistic style of looks. And episode 2 proved to have a pretty great mystery in it. I’m not going to say it was the best it could be but it proved very interesting and had some nice twists in it. I can’t wait for more.


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