Alyssa: Fall Week 1 & 2

((My final summer post won’t be up – I’m sorry))

Hacka Doll 1 & 2

With each season, it seems we pick a short-episode anime and we are rarely disappointed. Hackadoll has not let us down so far. The animation is silly and in a way, plain. I love the references to other series – such as Wake up! Girls in episode 2. In a way, Hacka Doll reminds me of DearS but even sillier. The pacing is just fine for a gag anime and I find it to be a refreshing show.

K: Return of Kings 1-3

You can’t hear my fangirling but I do it every week. We’ve never gotten a chance to discuss it but I am very much a rapid fangirl over K. Anyway, this season starts up where the movie left off. We learn more about the green clan and overall – the episodes have kept a decent pace. If this is someone’s first introduction to the K franchise or they haven’t seen the movie – they’ll truly suffer. The first three episodes, whilse well-paced, existed to mainly set things up for this season.

As always, K panders to female and male crowds alike with their fanservice. Normally, this isn’t a problem for me but I believe that they went overboard with Seri Awashima in episode 1. While I felt they had amplified the sexualization of Seri to nothing short of ‘overboard,’ I loved that she is still willing to kick a** while barely wearing anything. While I love this series, I’ve noticed an annoying little inconsistency in the form of Yata Misaki’s weapon. In the movie, Misaki gained a new weapon – fine and dandy. He has been using it this season – great. However, we see a flashback in which he is using this same weapon that he only just acquired. This flashback takes place before the events of season one, assumably, so this little tidbit is irritating.

Attack on Titan Junior High 1 & 2

As me how much I laughed at this show and I’ll tell you that I couldn’t breathe. As I’m writing this, I’ve seen more than the first two episodes and I have not been disappointed. The opening theme is a parody of the original series and it’s hilarious. The creators of Junior High took the stereotypes presented in the series and by fans and amplified them. Normally, this would annoy me but it works well for Junior High. Honestly, this series is a nice way to tide me over until season two. Unlike most people, I don’t mind this parody because it is just that – a parody.

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation episodes 1 & 2

I have yet to be disappointed by this show. I am impressed by the pacing of the mystery of Sakurako. It isn’t rushed like a certain show we watched last season (looking at you Rampo). The animation and art for Sakurako are beautiful and the characters are interesting enough to keep me satisfied. My only real complaint is the reusage of the animation before Sakurako begins her investigations. This flowed well in the first episode but it seemed pout of place in the second.


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