Trystan: Winter 2016 Week 1


Prince of Stride: Alternative Episode 1

I’m not sure what I thought Stride meant before I walked into this series. I assumed it was a track show. I was kind of right, mostly wrong. Stride is a form of Parkour that instead of being performed with one person is instead done in a relay format. To compete in Stride one needs 6 members, five runners and one relationer (whose job is to help the runners connect successfully).

Our main female character is Nana Sakurai who moved to Tokyo and came to Honan due to a video she saw of their Stride Club’s performance in a race. She is determined to join the Stride Club however she quickly learns that they have only three members and are so small that they combined forces with the Shogi club just to stay open. As such anyone who joins the Stride Club also joins the Shogi Club. Along with her classmate Takeru Fujiwara (a bizarro mix of Haru from Free! And Kageyama from Haikyuu) the two attempt to bring the club back to life by recruiting Riku Yagami. The end of the first episode is a race between the club members and it is impressive. I feel the need to point out that the art isn’t that impressive. Upon first glance it doesn’t stand up to the other shows around it. However the unique art style allows this show to really show off the characters when they’re running. It gives them a much more lucid style for the sprints, jumps, and other crazy techniques used in Stride and I expect this to pay off well in the future.

maxresdefaultERASED episode 1

We try for a third season in a row to watch a mystery anime (for reference, since we didn’t post much last season we did watch Sakurako-san). Let’s hope this turns out better than Ranpo and has a better ending than Sakurako-san. This first episode gives me a lot of hope for this series.

Starting out in 2006 with Satoru Fujinuma a manga artist who also works part-time delivering pizza. Satoru happens to have a weird ability that takes him back in time just a little bit in order to prevent a crime of some sort. We witness this as he prevents the death of a child but gets himself in a car accident. For this episode only I’m not going to spoil what happens. Just know that I want you to go watch this show, at least the first episode. It was really good. It feels a lot different than anything I’ve watched in a while and the mystery is the slow, suspenseful kind that is definitely going places. A lot happens in episode 1 and you guys need to see it.

haruchika-ep-1-polyphoni-ca-006Haruchika Episode 1

Interestingly we picked two mystery shows this season. ERASED is more of a typical mystery show while Haruchika is a slice-of-life mystery that deals with the members of a wind instrument club. At the center of this show are Chikei Homura and Haruta Kamijo a pair of childhood friends who reunite in high school

Chika has just entered high school and has decided to stop pursuing sports and instead would like to learn to play the flute and become a person who is described as a ‘cute’ girl. As such she joins her schools wind instrument club and is reunited with her childhood friend Haruta Kamijo. She also learns that the club has only four other members besides herself. All together the club has members playing the Trumpet, clarinet, bass tuba, French horn, and now the flute. Don’t ask me for the other members’ names because I don’t know them yet. I just know that there’s a set of twins, the club president, and the teacher advisor. The mystery this episode is pretty basic but was interesting enough for the first episode as everything about the show started coming together. Personally I can’t wait to see how this show blends music and mystery.

925389_799822253497788_142536141_nAssassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 1

Assassination Classroom is back! And boy am I excited. When the first season ended last year I was distraught. I had been watching Assassination Classroom every week for the entirety of 2015 when it ended. That’s 22 weeks of the year. I was so upset that it wasn’t going to be there every week but I made it and now the joy of Assassination Classroom is back and surprisingly it picks up right where it left off. After the whole ordeal with Takaoka was finished the class still had a little time on their Okinawa vacation. They spend this time doing a test of courage where Koro-sensei attempts to scare pairs of his students into couples. It fails miserably but the attempt is funny enough. The class also tries to get Irina and Karasuma together which I’m not excited for. I just don’t like the two as a couple. Also in important news the bounty on Koro-sensei stands at 10 billion yen if a single person kills him however if team maneuvers are what kills Koro-sensei the reward is 30 billion Yen. The second half of our episode features a festival. We learn that the class’s assassination skills now make the festival games easy to beat. This episode was quite enjoyable especially as a way back into the series after half a year. I hope this season is as good, if not better, than the first.


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