Trystan: Winter 2016 Weeks 2 & 3

Hello everyone! Welcome to weeks 2 & 3. We picked up a couple more shows, all of which are shorter and have started all of our announced shows. This should be our final lineup. School has come full forced and has prevented me from posting last week however here is my post now!

Ojisan and Marshmallow episodes 1 & 2

Ah. It’s a story about love between a man and marshmallows. Yep. Or well, a man and his marshmallows and an office worker who is quite obsessed with said man. Our main character and marshmallow loving fellow is Habahiro Hige. Hige quite loves marshmallows but mostly those of a particular brand. The love interest is Iori Wakabayashi who is completely interested in Hige and therefore spends most of her time teasing him with marshmallows. This gives Hige quite the complicated work life as they work at the same company.

Personally, this series has turned out fantastically interesting so far. Each episode is only five minutes which is just long enough for Wakabayashi’s stalkerish attitude to not become creepy and stay funny. Plus watching how inept Hige is to Wakabayashi’s feelings is adorable. Hopefully Hige will eventually get some of the marshmallows he really loves and perhaps Wakabayashi will get the relationship she wants. Definitely recommended.

Sekko Boys episodes 1 & 2

Even better than a love triangle between a man, marshmallows, and an office lady is obviously a show about idols. And I do mean that literally, the show features a boy band whose four members are all busts of ancient figures. Saint Giorgio, Medici, Hermes, and Mars make up the team and Miki Ishimoto acts as their manager.

If you thought that sounded bizarre, don’t worry, it is. Sekko Boys features a peculiar plot and an impeccable voice cast (seriously, look some of those guys up, you’re bound to have seen them in a show or two). The first two episodes start off our strange adventure and raise a lot of questions such as why do these busts have apartments? Mars’ apartment appeared dirty but he can’t move so who is making all of that mess? Why does Medici demand such a fancy café au lait even though he can’t actually drink it?? And also why don’t the four share an apartment? It would just make it easier to pick them up if they did? Plus Medici sits in a car seat and it was way more hilarious that it should have been. At seven minutes an episode, I recommend checking out the first one just to understand how bizarre the show actually is.

rainbow-days-episode-1Rainbow Days and Club Rainbow episode 1

Rainbow Days is a 12 minute anime about a boy who was recently dumped but has quickly fallen in love with a mysterious girl. Lucky for him the girl goes to his school and he decides to try and woo her. However he is bad in love and his three friends decide to ‘help’ him. A lot actually happens in the first episode as we get started and move onto our first problem to their eventual relationship: our female hero has a strange relationship with the math teacher. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH.

P.S. Names aren’t important aka I don’t remember them at all.

Also released with Rainbow Days is a program called Club Rainbow which is a live action segment that features the voice actors for our main four boys doing silly things. This really intrigued me and the real reason I picked up Rainbow Days. FUNimation is releasing both Rainbow Days and Club Rainbow so both are available to watch. The first episode featured Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (AKA SAO’s Kirito) eating spicy food and being forced to do silly things. I found this segment really enjoyable since we don’t normally get these live action programs from Japan and they are rather different from their scripted shows and anime.

dti6ulwDimension W episodes 1 & 2

The last new show for the week is Dimension W. This was a show I was interested in because FUNimation was involved with the production for this show. The plot puts us in a society where a fourth dimension exists, Dimension W, in which the world now pulls unlimited energy from. This energy comes from coils.

With this exists the problem of illegal coils that are close to legal coils but are can be dangerous. With this in mind we enter in our main character Kyoma Mabuchi (Voiced by Daisuke Ono) who works to collect illegal coils for money. One day during a mission he comes across an android who steals illegal coils from his target. Upon tracking her down and trying to get them back a huge light goes off that destroys coils, including the android’s. Mabuchi takes her back to his employer where they look her over. Once she receives a new coil she asks Mabuchi to let her help him with his job.

Of course there’s a lot more to it but that’s the basic. Overall the series looks great and the music was fun. I can’t wait to see where it’s going as there appears to be quite the story going on in the background.

Episode 2 pushed us further into the story by introducing the thief Loser. Loser is called as such because he is never able to actually steal the objects he is after. Mabuchi believes he is using illegal coils and goes after him with Mira Yurizaki (the android from the first episode) as backup.

It turns out that Loser was more successful than the public realized as his goal was never really the object but something inside the object. These are known as numbers and appear to be special coils. We don’t learn anymore about them but we do see what happens when an illegal coil goes past the tipping point. Once they break down they cause the area and people around them to warp. The end result was terrible and quite scary looking.

aokana-episode-1AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue Episode 1

AOKANA is a show that deals with a sport known as Flying Circus. Flying Circus is played with two people who are wearing antigravity shoes. Using these shoes to fly the two competitors play in the sky with the goal of earning as many points as possible within a certain time limit. They have two ways of earning points: touching all four of the buoys which map out the playing field or touch the other players back.

Asuka Kurashina moves due to her fathers line of work to an archipelago of four islands where use of the grav-shoes is permitted for students. Despite not knowing anything about them she wants to fly and enlists the help of two her classmates to do so. Masaya Hinata is the first student she meets on her way to school and is assigned to help her learn how to fly. He is talented with the grav-shoes but refuses to use them for an unknown reason. Misaki Tobisawa is also in Kurashina’s class and loves to fly. Her favorite food is udon and she makes frequent cat puns.

I won’t spoil how this first episode ends but know that watching them fly in the show is very enjoyable. I was intrigued by the idea of a flying sport (although I assumed it would be a team sport) and from the match we see in the first episode, it’s going to be good. My only reservation with the series is that it’s based off of a visual novel so I know that romance is probably going to happen when what I really want is for the show to explore the sport Flying Circus because it looks so cool.

maxresdefault1ERASED episode 2

Episode 2 picks up right where the first one left off by showing us 1988 and Satoru Fujinuma’s life at the time. He is a quiet kid who tends to just try and fit in with his friend group. When he runs into his mother for the first time this episode he starts crying and I’ll admit, I was super happy to see her alive. She’s just a nice character. She feels real and I was upset when she was killed in the first episode. Satoru figure that to save his mom he most likely needs to save Kayo Hinazuki from the death she suffered at the hands of a kidnapper. Satoru works his hardest to get Kayo to open up believing befriending her is his first step towards saving her.

tumblr_o0yn0xt9db1v0b023o1_1280Assassination Classroom season 2 episode 2

It is finally Kaede’s time to shine as she presents a plan to assassinate Koro-sensei. Her plan is to create a gigantic pudding and put a bomb in the middle that will blow Koro-sensei up when he gets to the middle of the pudding. However at the last second Kaede becomes upset that all of her hard work and research into creating the giant pudding will be wasted when it explodes. Lucky for her Koro-sensei figures it out and it doesn’t explode. Plus he gives all the students some pudding.

The second part is a cops and robbers type game between the class and Karasuma. The class thinks they can win but most end up being captured by Karasuma. He would have won however the students were able to bribe Koro-sensei into letting them out of jail and the class eventually won the game. Part three of this episode involves a panty thief who looks suspiciously like Koro-sensei. The class is disappointed because they think it is him and both the class and Koro-sensei go at great lengths to determine who the real thief is. The real thief is just an underling of Karasuma’s who was being used in a plot concocted by Shiro and Itona.

tumblr_o0v7csny2g1v0b023o1_1280Prince of Stride: Alternative episode 2

Takeru Fujiwara is a talented Stride player, however he appears to have teamwork issues. Riku Yagami continually has troubles connecting with Takeru. So the two stop pairing with each other and practice with the others.

In other news the group wants to join a Stride competition but in order to do so they need a sponsor. To the rescue is Health’s sister who runs a fashion company. All she asks in return is that they do two things: win their competition and do a photoshoot for her company. Health hates being a model (despite being talented) and really only agrees because he wishes to compete. We also learn of the other Yagami whom Riku hates hearing about. We learn this mysterious boy who used to be a member of the Honan Stride club is Riku’s brother (and assembly the reason Riku has a grudge against Stride) and is currently studying overseas. We also get a glimpse of some of the other stride competitors when we meet some students from Saisei who are well-known for their Stride club. Practice continues as the team hopes to win their first competition.


haruchika_episode_2_image_49Haruchika episode 2

Life gets serious in this episode of Haruchika as Chika and Haruta attempt to recruit an oboist Miyoko Narushima. Miyoko was a great oboist in middle school but has since stopped playing. Haruta is desperate to recruit her and Chika, who wants to support the club, tries as well. Together they learn why Miyoko quite playing the oboe. Turns out Miyoko had a younger brother who had been sick most of his life. While Miyoko was competing with her club, he passed away without his sister or his parents. Miyoko blames herself for the fact that he passed by himself and has since stopped playing the oboe. Miyoko’s brother was also into puzzles and Miyoko tells Haruta and Chika that if they can solve the last puzzle her brother left her than she will consider joining the club.

It was a tense seen when they finally revealed how to solve the total white rubix cube at the center of the puzzle as well as one that was very emotional. Once the rubix cube had been solved it was left with a message on it from her brother congratulating her on solving the puzzle. Miyoko finally seemed to accept everything that had happened, and with a good cry, she decided to join the club.


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