(Aster) Ace Attorney Episodes 2-4: Case 2: Turnabout Sisters Review



Ahhh yes, the case that truly introduces some of the biggest cast members of the original Ace Attorney Trilogy – Turnabout Sisters. In this case we finally get to see Demon Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth in action – as well as Maya Fey. (For the sake of these reviews, I’m going to try to use the localized names.)

This case takes place Sept. 5 through the 9th in the year 2016. (Look guys – Mia is still alive!) On September 5th, the law office is trashed and Mia Fey is murdered. The only evidence that can be found at first to link someone to the case – links her little sister, Maya Fey. After being turned down by many defense attorneys, Maya seeks the assistance of her older sister’s co-worker, Phoenix Wright. And so marks his first case without his mentor.

Overall, this case translated to screen rather well. Obviously, a few testimonies were left out and information here and there. It felt a bit rushed but not entirely jumpy. There are hints at Edgeworth’s knowledge of Mia (players of game 3 will note that they faces off in their first respective cases). The anime also leaves out the title of “Demon Prosecutor” which is interesting since it’s made into such a big deal in the first game. Naturally, all of the joy of scuffling and looking for evidence, collecting testimonies – that was taken out as well. We did get to see Phoenix break into the hotel room of April May and Redd White. We also miss out on all of the information about Misty Fey – the mother of Maya and Mia,  who was consulted by the police in a case 15 years prior. When the suspect was acquitted, a man named “White” sold information about Misty to the press and soon after the Fey family was made into laughingstocks – the mother of Mia and Maya disappeared. This information is especially important to the game – as well as the photos with the word “DL-6” written on them that Phoenix locates in Grossberg’s office. Alas, they have been skimmed over in the anime – whether to be revealed later or not, I’m not sure.

My beef with missing information aside, the animation seemed to be even worse in some places than normal. It was especially bad in episode three, during the trial. Miles Edgeworth seemed to suffer the most in court as many of his in-between animations his face was off center, too small, or his hair too big. And no, I am not referring to the scenes where they are made to be specifically making the overly dramatic facial expressions that are iconic to the games. There were so many spots, especially in the court room, where their faces just looked awful. This is especially disappointing when one considers how important the trials are in this series.

                Don’t get me wrong, I’m still greatly enjoying this series. I always look forward to eating breakfast and watching Ace Attorney on Saturdays now. But I am definitely disappointed in the lack of information, lack of attention to certain key evidence (such as the newspaper clippings about Misty Fey), and the lack of quality check on faces.

All this aside, I am especially looking forward to case 3 – the Steel Samurai and the case after it. Case 4 is one of my favorites, and I am hoping I am not disappointed.


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