5 Notable Anime Moms for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day! And to celebrate we’re going to talk about some memorable moms. This is a list of personal favorites (in no particular order) of Mom’s that have been there for their kids and really live up to the World’s Greatest Mom mug we wish we could give them. So without further ado here are 5 Memorable Moms to Celebrate this Mother’s Day:

  1. Mako's momSukuyo Mankanshoku AKA Mako’s Mom (Kill la Kill)

First up is a member of the crazy, yet lovable, Mankanshoku family. The matriarch of the family and the famous croquette maker, Sukuyo is already a great mom at the beginning of Kill la Kill. However throughout the series Sukuyo makes the point of including Ryuko in everything, including her family. Ryuko isn’t just Mako’s friend she becomes a true member of the Mankanshoku family and Sukuyo helps finally give Ryuko the loving family atmosphere she’s always wished for. That’s why this mother’s day we’re hoping the Mankanshoku family throws a big party for their lovable mom, Sukuyo.

  1. The_Outer_FourSetsuna, Haruka, & Michiru (Sailor Moon Franchise)

Why have one mom when you can have a trio of great women raising you? Well for Hotaru AKA Sailor Saturn, she gets the luxury of having these three raise her after the events of Sailor Moon S. Michiru is musically inclined and rather nice, Haruka enjoys sports and will spoil Hotaru, and Setsuna is the kind, quiet type. Together these three women happily raise Hotaru and teach her to be a kind and caring person just like they are.

  1. sakura-saradaSakura (Naruto Franchise)

Although she spends most of the series as a kid and not a mother once Sakura finally gets her dream come true by marrying Sasuke she becomes a mother to a daughter, Sarada. As a mother Sakura takes all of her worthwhile traits to the max and she will go hard for her child. Due to Sasuke’s need to travel Sakura raises Sarada pretty much as a single mother. As such Sarada and Sakura have a great bond and the two are in general an adorable pair. Their interactions during the Boruto Movie pretty much solidify why Sakura deserves to be on this list.

  1. LUTC 12Tenka Kumoh (Laughing Under the Clouds)

Yes, Tenka is a guy. Yes, I know it is mother’s day. However single parenthood is a thing and it is important to realize that some parents play both roles. Tenka takes over the care of his two younger brothers after their parents are brutally murdered. Tenka even refers to himself as both mom and dad. This coupled with all Tenka does for the sake of his family earns him his spot on this list of great mothers. I know that the Kumoh family would definitely throw a party for Tenka on Mother’s Day and I too want to honor him. You try raising two rowdy boys pretty much by yourself during the Meiji Restoration. It isn’t easy but Tenka takes the job on with ease and his brothers’ love him for it.


  1. Sachiko Fujinuma (Erased)

If you haven’t watched Erased, please proceed to do so. Beyond the fact that the show was amazing you meet one of, if not THE, best anime moms in existence. Sachiko Fujinuma is the mother of our main character Satoru. She’s a single mother but Sachiko and her son have a beautiful and loving relationship. The two have a respect for each other that most people wish they could have with their parents. She’s always open with Satoru and helps him with whatever he wants to do. Despite all the crazy things that happen during the show, she sticks by Satoru’s side. And trust me, a lot goes down. It’s impressive to think about how much time she ends up devoting to Satoru due to the events of the show. This is the woman you want to be your mother, this is the lady you wish you could meet even once to tell her how amazing she is. Satoru himself understands how lucky he got to have Sachiko as his mother.

Did you enjoy my list of great anime moms? Do you have an anime mom in mind that deserves to be mentioned? Tell me in the comments below!

P.S. We AREN’T dead.  I promise. We expect to make a full comeback during June as our schedules are packed this month as we prepare to go to a convention. Thank you for your support!


3 thoughts on “5 Notable Anime Moms for Mother’s Day

  1. So I realize I’m a month late, but in my slow return I had to stop by here to see the new content! I absolutely agree with you on Sachiko being (basically) the greatest anime mom EVEHHH!! Also, I totally forgot about Sukuyo from Kill la Kill, but she does deserve a mention (I would die to try her croquettes, despite them being fried what-nots found around the household XD).

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