Game Time! w/Trystan

In the last few months or so I’ve managed to complete five games. This may not sound like much to you but for me, someone who is notorious for not completing games, this is actually a huge. I think until this point in my life I had completed three maybe four games? And we are talking about games I played in elementary school (a 102 Dalmatians game, the first Halo, Spyro the Dragon). So managing to finish five games in the span of four months is a lot for me. I’m actually so happy that I had to come tell you guys about it! I don’t know how many of our readers play video games but both me and Aster enjoy them immensely. If you want to see what I’ve played check out my summaries below and if you have any recommendations or just want to talk about games, comment down below!

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest (Completed March 14, 2016)

If you don’t know (and it is a little weird) Fire Emblem Fates was released as three separate games.You start by picking one of the two games released physically (either Birthright or Conquest). The game you choose matches the path you will take in the game. Your avatar, whose default name is Corrin, has been raised in the Kingdom of Nohr. You soon find out that Corrin was kidnapped as a child and taken from their real home Hoshido. Nohr is a more European style kingdom while Hoshido is based around traditional Japan. Each game offers it’s own story and features differences in gameplay. I chose Conquest (and thus the Nohr Route) only because Aster was getting Birthright (and thus the Hoshido Route).

Despite my simple way of choosing which version to get, I’m actually really glad with the route. The first eight chapters of the game are the same in each until you reach a single defining moment. By this point in the game I was definitely okay to stay with my Nohrian family. Personally I really liked the Norhian nobles and so I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Fates is definitely full of heartbreak as you watch Corrin struggle to find a place they truly belong but it’s a great journey filled with a lot of memorable moments. Plus the game has a lot of replay value due to the fact that you can pair up the soldiers (all with unique dialogue) and they get to have kids (that they get to meet as adults…cause reasons). It’s a very unique game and I definitely recommend you check it out.

Pokemon HeartGold (Completed April 27, 2016)

I’ve put a lot of hours into HeartGold…which is funny considering I had never beat the game. This is really common with me and Pokemon games, I get them, put a ton of hours into them, get the seventh badge, and then don’t finish them. This isn’t the first or the last Pokemon game I’ve done this too. However I was in a Pokemon mood and decided I would finally put a lot of effort into beating the Elite Four (which generally gets you the credits screen). HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of the second generation games Gold/Silver/Crystal, which I actually own and played a lot when I was a child.

In HeartGold, you are contacted by Professor Elm who is doing research on Pokemon breeding. Elm gives you a Pokemon so that you may do an errand for him but after Professor Oak gives you a Pokedex, Elm decides to let you keep your Pokemon. Elm also asks to you walk around with your Pokemon to see how that effects the nature of your relationship. Your starters are Chikorita, Totodile, or Cyndaquil. I chose Chikorita because the design has always been my favorite. The story of this particular game is based around Team Rocket, who are trying to regroup after being beaten by Red (from Fire Red/Leaf Green or the original Red/Blue/Yellow games). As expected you beat Team Rocket and they finally give up their evil ways after two consecutive losses to children.

I really enjoyed this game. I liked the cities, the gym leaders were fun, and I love the Pokemon of this generation. However this game isn’t free of criticism and I have a huge problem with it. When you get to the eighth gym you pretty much HAVE to grind for levels. But I’m not mad at this. It is the final gym. I expect it to be challenging. However after you beat this gym and continue on to Victory Road and then the Elite four, you will need to grind again. Expect this time you are expected to get your Pokemon to level 60 by fighting the Pokemon on Victory Road, who are only around level 32-40. It’s awful. Grinding off of Pokemon who are ten or more levels below you is horrible. With that big of a level difference you don’t get a lot of experience and thus you have to spend more time training up your Pokemon. The levels of the wild Pokemon just did not match the levels I needed for my team to face off against the Elite Four. Still with a lot of work, and three or four tries, I was able to beat the Elite Four and finally, FINALLY, beat my first Pokemon game.

Final Team: Mr. Mime, Jynx, Stantler, Dragonite, Kingler, Heracross (Yep, I dropped my starter. I just wanted to use so many different Pokemon that poor Chikorita got left behind)

Pokemon Platinum (Completed June 9, 2016)

Like HeartGold, I played part of Platinum (although a lot less) before I ended putting it down. After beating HeartGold I was in a Pokemon mood and so I quickly moved on to Platinum. I never had Diamond/Pearl/Platinum when it first released and got my copy of Platinum years later at a Walmart. The Sinnoh region has always been very interesting to me. Like Hoenn, I never had a game for this region. Unlike Hoenn, whom I was very familiar with due to having watched the Pokemon anime, I had no experience with Sinnoh. This lead to me being very excited to see a lot of new Pokemon and places. Starting over I was hoping to use a lot of Pokemon specific to the region and I did pretty well. I did end up using a Rapidash, which is first gen, but I feel like I did pretty well by using evolutions for Pokemon that were introduced in this generation (Weavile and Gliscor).

As for the story you meet Professor Rowan, who studies the evolution of Pokemon, and he lends you one of his three Pokemon which are the starters of the game: Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup. Afterwards he lets you keep the Pokemon as long as you agree to help him with his research. When you agree you get the Pokedex and now you go off on your journey. The villains of the game are Team Galatic who are out to create a new world using the legendary Pokemon of the region, Dialga and Palkia. I really liked the story aspect of Platinum, especially when compared to HeartGold. I felt like in HeartGold we were just going around doing good deeds for the world and preventing problems by defeating Team Rocket. With Team Galatic however we are saving the world from more than just domination. It was going to be destroyed if we didn’t step in. Plus I really enjoyed the Distortion World. As someone who hadn’t played much of Platinum before this it was a really cool surprise.

I will say that Platinum has improved a little upon my complaint of HeartGold. Instead of Victory Road having level 32-40 Pokemon the levels went up to 48. This made things a lot easier for training purposes and a lot more difficult for getting through the cave. Platinum also has one of my favorite features in regards to searching for hidden items. In past games the way you find these items is either by luck or using an item like the dowsing rod which relies on beeps. I’ve never liked this. In Platinum however this feature is on the touch screen where you touch the screen and it will show if an item is nearby and how close it is to you based on your location. As for the Elite Four I had an easier time. I’m not sure if the game was easier, if I picked better Pokemon, if I was better, or maybe I just got lucky. Either way it only took me a couple tries fighting the first two members and then I easily swept through the remaining two members and the Champion.

Final Team: Empoleon, Rapidash, Leafeon, Weavile, Gliscor, and Garchomp (Look, I kept my starter this time!)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Completed June 15, 2016)

Next up is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You may know this little title as it has a currently airing anime adaptation this season. I started this game awhile ago (borrowed from Aster) and ended up getting distracted and put it down for quite some time. However with the anime adaptation airing, and the need to return the borrowed game, I picked it back up and finished it in a few days.

The game follows Phoenix Wright as he finally becomes a defense attorney and starts his first case. Mentored by a great defense attorney Mia Fey, Phoenix goes through trial after trial barely managing to win. However in the process he not only creates meaningful bonds with others but reveals the truth in all of his cases using contradictions.

PW: AA is really action packed game. The trial scenes are a battle of the wits while the investigation parts allow you to act as a detective. Perhaps my only problem with the game is Phoenix himself. He’s just really bland. I felt like I got to know a lot about the other characters in the game, even the ones I didn’t care for. Maya was adorable, Miles was stiff and ridiculous, and Detective Gumshoe was just a simple man trying to live in a crazy world. And then there’s Phoenix who was just so boring. He didn’t seem to have any personality and all he was capable of was sarcasm. Regardless I feel the story and other characters made up for the overall letdown that was Phoenix himself.

Favorite Character: Maya Fey (Although the Skye sisters are a close second)
Favorite Case: Turnabout Goodbyes (I really like how it ends the game, although Rise from the Ashes has a really sweet ending and is another close second)

Pokemon White – 6/26/2016

Following the path of the other Pokemon games, I put in a lot of hours into Black and White back when they first came out. I beat the eighth gym in both games, putting at least 30 hours into each game. However when I chose this as my next game to play, I couldn’t bring myself to erase my Black file so I ended up erasing my White file in order to play through it from the beginning.

I want to start off by saying I really like Black and White. The story is actually really good. Professor Juniper is the one responsible for handing out your Pokemon and she chooses you and two of your friends. You, Cheren, and Bianca each get to take a Pokemon. You get first choice between: Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott and then you are off on your journey. Our shady organization in this game is Team Plasma whose goal is to liberate Pokemon from their trainers. The group follows N, a mysterious boy who can talk to Pokemon. Although I remember people being unhappy with Black and White, I enjoyed the fact that we had a region full of entirely new Pokemon. It was so fun to explore when I started the game. Unlike the other Pokemon games I had played, I was in for something completely unknown each time I entered a new area or got into another fight.

White is also better in terms of training up for the Pokemon league. I didn’t have near as much trouble in this game as I did in HeartGold, although that might be the addition of ‘shaking grass’ and the great experience Audino gives. I also like that just beating the game doesn’t get you the Pokemon League. The story takes precedence and you have to fight the Elite Four a second time in order to face Alder and become the Champion. I will say that this does create a bit of a problem though.I beat the game but I haven’t explored all of Unova. I may not play through the post-game which means I will miss out on some things. It’s a bit of a give and take with this game but I still think it was good as I loved the overall message it had.

Final Team: Samurott, Haxorus, Scrafty, Elektross, Swoobat, Audino


2 thoughts on “Game Time! w/Trystan

  1. OMG I also stopped at the 7th gym in HeartGold then gave up! To me, the gyms are the best part. I could care less for fighting the Elite Four, even though they are cool people. Glad to hear you completed at least. It must’ve been legendary to catch Ho-Oh. I’ll leave you to your other Pkmn games now ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I won’t lie…I threw my master ball at Ho-Oh. I couldn’t stand the thought of letting it get away!

      The elite four is a strange thing. Sometimes they’re really cool and others their kinda boring. It was fun to play during White because you’re still doing story when you first fight them. However I had a lot of trouble fighting them in HeartGold.

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