Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto: A Review of the Coolest Kid Around

Sakamoto1Story: 6
Art/Animation: 9
Sound: 8
Characters: 6
Enjoyment: 9

Plot: Class 1-2 houses the coolest guy around. Not only is he well liked by both girls and boys but he makes anything look cool. Get ready to go on an insane adventure as you watch one of the coolest kids you’ve ever met do the things you only wish you could. Who is this cool kid? Haven’t you heard? He’s Sakamoto.

Why You Should Check It Out:

Let’s start with the most basic area’s of Sakamoto’s success. The art style in the show is clean, crisp, and all around pleasing. I don’t recall any flaws and more often than not noted how well the show animated it’s various scenes and locations. No matter how ridiculous Sakamoto acted, he was animated without fault.

Not to mention that the music is just as good as the art. From the start of the opening, where we are introduced to the comedy style of the show, to the ending, which highlights Sakamoto’s coolness, we get a beautiful soundtrack to a rather interesting show.Combined these two aspects ensure that you’re in for a good show.

Of course a show is more than just art and music. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto however is a very strange show. So strange that I find it hard to describe. We watch Sakamoto get a part time job, see snow for the first time, tutor a friend, participate in normal school activities, and yet, somehow it’s always intriguing and, get this, Sakamoto is always cool. I question it all the time but even acting a fool Sakamoto stays cool. I might (just a tad) be overusing the word cool but it’s just so accurate anything else would be hard to say. Basically just expect ridiculous scenes and Sakamoto out playing us all and you have a pretty good grasp of the show.

Now, I know this isn’t for everyone. I’m not denying that. However, I think that everyone should check out the first two episodes. While watching the first episode you will be very confused by how little happens but once you’ve seen the second episode you should really know if you want to continue or not. Personally I found myself enjoying the strange twists that this show provided. Sakamoto and Kubota’s friendship was the clear highlight for me. This friendship was the one thing in the show that seemed to prove Sakamoto had real emotions and could care for someone else.

So while this show may just be a strange phenomenon we look back on and wonder how it got to the top, I know, deep down, that Sakamoto deserves its praise; and while Sakamoto’s ‘coolness’ isn’t for everyone, it certainly was for me.



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