Love Live! School Idol Project S1 + S2 Review

LLTV2_illustration_logoStory: 6
Art/Animation: 8
Sound: 9
Characters: 8
Enjoyment: 10

What do you do when you find out your school is going to be closed? Panic? Resign yourself to fate? Form an idol group? If you picked that last option than you’re like Honoka Kosaka who believes the popularity of an idol group could boost the prospective student count for Otonokizaka Academy and prevent it closure.

With reckless abandon, Honoka convinces her friends to join her and soon a new school idol group,  μ’s (pronounced muse), was formed. Honoka as the center, Umi who is in charge of practice and writing songs, and Kotori who creates the outfits. Together these girls set out to save their school. Over time they gain six more members: Hanayo, Rin, and Mako, the first years, and Nico, Nozomi, and Eli, the third years, while Honoka, Umi, and Kotori make up the second years. Once the nine come together μ’s sets off on a wonderful adventure.

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll like one of the girls in this show. Honoka is the character with the most spirit, Umi is more proper, Kotori is a lovable airhead, Rin is very athletic, Hanayo is a shy girl whose always dreamed of becoming an idol, Mako is a clear tsundere who is good at creating music, Nico is an idol fanatic, Eli is the student council president who used to be a ballerina, and Nozomi is a motherly figure who is into tarot. There’s pretty much a girl there for everyone but I’ll admit, I don’t have a favorite. I connected with some of the girls at various parts (Rin’s trouble with girly clothes, as well as people making fun of her for wearing skirts and Nozomi’s immense loneliness as a child) but all of the girls hold a place in my heart and I just can’t bring myself to name the best girl.d6ae284e0ef0ab7a2b7582b98a1484e31358356898_full

The plot itself is pretty average but was consistently enjoyable. I still have some complaints. Throughout both seasons the plot evolves with the girls but still manages to be rather rigid. At any point where the girls are competing, we don’t get their results. Instead we find out about them in some other way, be it the trophy in a later shot, a run in with their rivals, etc. I want to see the moment the girls find out their popularity is good enough to get into the Love Live and other great moments but instead we skip ahead just enough and find out about it in passing. This one thing really annoyed me and is my biggest hang up with the show.

The music of the show is a different story however, I personally enjoyed all of the songs they used (be warned their songs are just pop music, but hey, I’m into that). I actually cried at their last few performances, starting with Snow Halation. I do feel that the show didn’t use as many of the best songs that μ’s has put out. I mean, look how long it took till they actually use Ashiteru Banzai plus my favorite (Mogyutto “LOVE” de Sekkin Chuu!) was left out.

Still, if you’ve ever been interested in the phenomenon that is Love Live! and want an easy way to get into it, the TV show is the perfect way to do so. It isn’t overly complicated, and you aren’t expected to know everything about the girls, instead you are just there for the ride. And what an enjoyable ride it is.

Love Live Final Score


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