Top 5 Best Moments of Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Today we are here to discuss Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. Unlike my previous post on this series (a review you can read here) today’s post is all about the best moments in Sakamoto. There are a lot of outrageous moments in this series but only the best will make this list! So let’s jump right in with number 5.


5. Der Erlkönig (From episode 10, first part: Demon Lord)

In this particular scene Sakamoto has been picked up by a couple college students who are short a person for their karaoke party. Sakamoto goes along and it a huge hit with the girls. This upsets the college students who decide the best way to get rid of Sakamoto as a threat is to mess up his karaoke. However when Sakamoto finally goes up he picks a song no one expects…Der Erlkönig, a German poem from the 18th century.

While this moment may mean very little to most, it hit me rather hard. I took German in high school and one of the final activities I remember from my senior year was reading Der Erlkönig. It’s a dark and gritty poem that can be interpreted in a few different ways but is most often said to be about the death of a young boy. It’s really a haunting poem but is especially impactful in its original German. But that’s just the thing. Sakamoto sings Der Erlkönig in GERMAN and OPERA style. If I thought the poem was haunting before, Sakamoto’s rendition is both scarily beautiful and terrifying. Don’t believe me? Well the amount of girls who flock to the room may just prove me right (but you can also check it out on YouTube).

4. Suddenly I really want some Neapolitan (From episode 6, Cafeteria Marketing)

This short clip comes at the end of a rather average (by Sakamoto standards) episode but it is anything but. Sakamoto notices a lunch lady prepared a bunch of Neapolitan (a spaghetti dish) but no one is interested. In order to make her food successful Sakamoto manages to use subliminal messages to make everyone want Neapolitan.

I think Sakamoto is the only show that could have pulled this off. You spend most of this short completely unaware of what Sakamoto is doing. It comes off so bizarre and yet it works. This isn’t a supernatural show nonetheless Sakamoto does so many things that no one else can and we believe it, after all he is the coolest kid around.

sakamoto-desu-ga-06-273. Kubota’s Understanding (from episode 6, Love Acrossing a Camera)

Another moment from episode 6, and one of the most specific moments on our list, episode six’s plot gives us a little window in which to view the strange relationship between Kubota and Sakamoto.  The class rep, who is doing research on Sakamoto, decides to ask Kubota some questions. During this Kubota gives the best explanation ever as to why Sakamoto acts the way he does. I don’t want to spoil this moment, as it really does make this episode worth it, but let me just tell you, Sakamoto’s actions make a lot more since after hearing it.

2. Fukase vs. Sakamoto (Various episodes)

There are very few continuous storylines in Sakamoto but one of them involves a delinquent named Fukase. Fukase has been in high school for years apparently. His least favorite thing is being bored and one of his favorite things is playing a game where he takes a popular kid and ruins his life. And who is more popular this year than 1-2’s Sakamoto? No one.

Fukase soon takes aim at Sakamoto on a couple of different occasions. First up is the school festival. Sakamoto uses some of his most brilliant skills to outwit Fukase and it almost makes you wish the show had a different twist. Imagine Sakamoto in different professions: doctor, lawyer, freelance journalist. Interestingly enough after watching the school festival episode, you can really see the appeal of a show about Sakamoto solving crime or doing surgery. That’s how good the episode was. I’m not going to spoil everything that goes down but know that it gets a really good conclusion.

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