Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls Review


Story: 1
Art/Animation: 2
Sound: 3
Characters: 1
Enjoyment: 1

Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls is a 12-episode, short, parody/satire anime for the Magical Girl genre. This may sound interesting but let me warn you: it sucks. It wasn’t clever. The jokes weren’t good. The animation was hard to swallow. About the only good things were opening and ending themes.

And before anyone comments, I know that there is a specific style to this show. The point of the show isn’t supposed to be the art or story. That’s why the animation is so low budget or more accurately it was animated through motion capture. Which you could get used to and in fact like, if the show was good. But if the story and animation aren’t the point what is?

The comedy. It’s a parody. It takes stabs at the ridiculousness of magical girl shows while making you laugh. Except the show is terribly ad-libbed and most of the jokes fall flat. About the best one I can remember is a Fullmetal Alchemist joke they make early on in the series.


Honestly I’m sad to be bashing this series. I like magical girl shows AND short shows. But this…this was awful. There are no redeeming qualities. I think even the studio realized how bad the show was because as it progresses there are less ad-libbed scenes and more pictures with dialogue over them. And trust me, these were the better parts. Looking at these parts makes you realize, they could have made a half decent show if they had tried but instead they went for awful parody territory and failed miserably.

Take my advice and skip this one. Unless you like to suffer, want to make your friends suffer, or your just drunk, don’t watch it. Just don’t.
P.S. There is no best girl for this show. They all suck. Only Urara (Pink) gets any real time and she’s just an awful, annoying conglomerate of all the tropes a magical girl can have. Bleh.


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