Show By Rock!! Short!! Review

show-by-rock-shortStory: 5
Art/Animation: 10
Sound: 7
Characters: 7
Enjoyment: 10

Back in the spring of 2015 a show by the name of Show By Rock!! aired. A second season is coming out this fall but in preparation for the season we got Show By Rock!! Short!! which are short three-minute episodes that focus on various random moments of the lives of the bands we came to know during the first season.

If you’ve seen Show By Rock!!: You know what to expect. These shorts are hilarious, well animated, and the end theme is a great song by the shows cover band: Plasmagica.

If you haven’t seen Show By Rock!!: You should check these shorts out. These shorts give you a taste of what the main show has to offer. The art and animation are amazing, especially for a short show. Plus all of the characters are enjoyable and you even get the back story for one of the bands.

Basically, Show By Rock!! Short!! is made to advertise the second season. The show is still great even if it is a giant commercial and can stand on its own as a short comedy anime. Anyone who wants a laugh should check out Show By Rock!! Short!!



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