B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious Review

b-pro-posterStory: 6
Art/Animation: 8
Sound: 7
Characters: 7
Enjoyment: 8

Simply put B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious follows three idol groups, MooNs, THRIVE, and Kitakore, who together make up a ten man group known as B-Project. The group receives a new A&R (who is responsible for the artistic and commercial development of a recording artist), Tsubasa Sumisora, and together they work to succeed in the music industry.

The story is pretty simple. Our main character is supposed to be Tsubasa who’s a newbie in the music industry. Well, more than a newbie. Tsubasa has never had a job in the music industry and was just picked up by Gandala Music who is responsible for B-Project. Tsubasa is basically thrown into the position of A&R and must work hard for the different groups making up B-Project. During the show we follow the adventures of the boys and Tsubasa as they get to know each other and work to make B-Project a success.
If it isn’t obvious, this show has a lot of characters. B-Project is made up of ten people. These can be divided into their smaller groups whom we will go over one at a time. Starting with the smallest group is the two man group, Kitakore. Ryuji Korekuni is girly looking and typically has candy in his mouth. His family is in the entertainment business but Korekuni uses his own merit to get into B-Project. Tomohisa Kitakado is the more responsible half of Kitakore who’s from a rich family (plus he’s voiced by Daisuke Ono).
Next up is the three man group THRIVE. THRIVE is composed of Goushi Kaneshiro a guy who likes music and singing but dislikes idols, Kento Aizome the playboy of the group, and Yuta Ashu the silly one of the group and a behind the scenes leader type. Last up is MooNs which is a five man group. The leader is Kazuna Masunaga who is kind but serious, Momotaro Onzai who can see spirits, Mikado Sekimura who is very energetic and happens to be obsessed with the magical girl Mamirin, Tatsuhiro Nome who is generally quiet but has a good friendship with MooNs final member Hikaru Osari, a rather bizarre guy who goes all out for his job.
A huge plus for this show is that everything looks great. Eachboy has their own look to them and the animation is generally top notch. There are a few instances when the quality slips but this is pretty common with any airing show. One of my only complaints with the animation is that we rarely ever get a full performance. Only short shots of the dances rather than their full choreography. I understand that animating the dances takes a lot of money but I would have enjoyed it at least once.

Next up is the music. Each of the three groups (MooNs, THRIVE, and Kitakore) get one single during the show as well as B-Project whose single is Kodou*Ambitious, which doubles as the opening. All of the songs were good but I wish we had spent more time hearing them. Like the dances we often only got short samples of the songs. I don’t remember much about the background music but what I do remember was good. They tend to use Kodou*Ambitious a lot in the background so get used to hearing it.

Last up is my enjoyment and I have to say, I enjoyed the hell out of this show. It may not be the best but I’ll always remember it. For a variety of reasons; it was wacky and fun, I laughed almost every episode, and I found all the idols to be likable. I really only have a few real complaints. My problems with the dance scenes and the music aren’t huge problems. I know I’ll get the full songs and at least the dances scenes we got looked good. My real complaint, the thing that really tampered with my experience of the show is how little Tusbasa means. She was pretty worthless throughout. Only near the end does she really mean much and even then that’s just the show trying to throw in a real plot at the end. A plot that wasn’t necessary, didn’t make much sense, and only raised more questions than it answered. Personally I could have done without that little plot and a little more involvement out of Tsubasa.

But honestly, those are the only complaints I had. Other B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious was a bright spot in my week.  I always looked forward to watching it because I knew it would make me smile, the same way I saved Love Live! Sunshine for Monday mornings to help get my week started. That’s the real takeaway here: if you want a show full of laughs B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious is for you.



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