Kiss Him, Not Me! A Fujoshi Fairytale

Art/Animation: 9
Story: 5.5
Sound: 6
Enjoyment: 9.5
Characters: 7

Total: 7.4/10's_body_pillow_Stitched_Cap_(Kiss_Him_Not_Me_Ep_1).png/revision/latest?cb=20161022222923

Series Summary: Kiss Him, Not Me follows the tale of Fujoshi (female otaku/yaoi fangirl) Kae Serinuma. After the death of her favorite anime character, Serinuma falls into a deep depression, hiding in her room and losing a bunch of weight. Upon her return to school, four of her male classmates and one of her female classmates all fall in love with her. With little care for her bizarre ramblings and yaoi obsession, her classmates continue to try and win her affections. Unfortunately for them, Kae just wants to “ship” them with one another.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get skinny and attractive when our favorite anime characters died? If this were the case, however, I would’ve probably dried up and wasted away a long time ago. Despite my difficulties with sitting through a good number of Slice of Life series, I found this series to be my guilty pleasure this past season. It was funny, light-hearted, and terribly relatable. (Thankfully, I think it is wrong to ship real life people, unlike Kae Serinuma).

The characters are fairly interesting in their own ways as they range in type: Igarashi is the “boy next door” who is aggressive in his affections, Nanashima is a tsundere bad boy with a soft side for his little sister, Mutsumi is the kind, upperclassman, Shinimiya is the stereotypical cute underclassman, and Nishina is a girl who writes yaoi and loved Kae before she lost weight. There’s also Kae’s best friend, A-chan, who provides the unnamed “best friend” role that every otome game has.

The series follows a similar formula as “The Wallflower” which nearly made me drop the series. However, the colorful cast of characters made the series much more enjoyable, as did the relatability of Serinuma. Unlike Wallflower, the plot appears to progress until the end of the series. The anime hits the reset button; however, this is fairly common with 12 episode adaptations of shoujo series.

After reading some of Junko’s works, I have faith that the manga’s plot will continue to progress though I have little idea who Kae would end up with. Some characters such as Nishina, Mutsumi, and Nanashima left larger impressions than others.

The art for the anime series is stunning and does justice to the manga art. Despite my love of the ending theme, the OST itself was lackluster and forgettable. Overall, this series is one I would recommend for anyone who wants a fun, laid-back, and relatable series to watch.


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