A Magical Year: Magical Girl Raising Project Review

Let's Talk Anime

Story: 6
Art/Animation: 8
Sound: 8
Characters: 5
Enjoyment: 8

Magical Girl Raising Project is a popular web game in Koyuki Himekawa’s world. Advertisements include a message that every so often some players become real magical girls. Koyuki has always dreamed of being a magical girl and picks up the game on a whim. It couldn’t hurt, right? Koyuki’s life turns upside down the day Fav (MGRP’s mascot) appears and grants Koyuki real magic. Now she, and fifteen other girls, are tasked with collecting magical candies. Things take a dark turn however when Fav announces that sixteen is too many magical girls so the developers have decided to cut the number in half.

Animated by studio LERCHE (Danganronpa the Animation, Assassination Classroom), Magical Girl Raising Project never lies about itself unlike other dark magical girl shows such as Madoka Magica (which tried to look innocent until the very…

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