New Year, New Us, Same Blog

new-year-new-us-same-blogIt is 2017 so it’s time to put ourselves out there again. So it is time for the 2017 State of the Blog for Entertainment Review Project! To start I would like to thank those who have stuck with us through the hard times and the less hard times. When we started this blog we had a lot of free time but as time went on things changed.

I would like to say that I, Trystan, have finally graduated from college (don’t ask what I plan to do next, cause I’m still working on that) and will hopefully have more time to put into the blog. Aster is close but has entered the harder end game of our degree where you must work 144 hours in a library. Thankfully they should have an easier time than I due to a) not having a job to block their hours but b) I’m there to help with the portfolio since I’ve done one.

But I’m getting a little off topic now, aren’t I? What I came here to tell you guys today is that Aster and I just spent quite a lot of time talking about our blog and its future. We want to keep going and we want to be more consistent. So we’ve decided to give ourselves a goal of at least a post per month. This is a per person goal so hopefully you guys get two posts per month and we make a much more active blog. We have also discussed little changes such as creating a better ‘About’ page for the blog and adding more features and are open to working with other blogs. If you want to be a guest or want to work with us, just comment down below!

In the short time 2017 has been around I’ve already seen quite the change in my life and so I see good things for the future of our blog and hope everyone enjoys where we go! Thank you for reading! Below are updated introductions for Aster and I since it has been quite a while since we did them.

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The Blogger Formerly Known As Alyssa

Hey Everyone! Aster here (she/they/)! New name -same me (sort of). I am one of the co-founders of ERP. I have my toes dipped in the waters of many interests ranging from cosplay to video games, Lolita to pastel/cutesy things, wig styling to anime and manga as well as writing, reading, and dabbling in sewing. I’m a Jack of Many Trades (but not all), and a Master of None. I’m still the same plus-sized disabled cosplayer with a passion for conventions and writing about anime. I’m not only the co-founder of ERP but I also run the ERP tumblr ( by myself. Trystan and I have been friends for about 10-11 years now and we will work together to bring you all the reviews and wrap-ups we can about anything from anime and books to games and conventions.

First Anime: Sailor Moon (when I was 3)
First Manga: Fruits Basket
First Video Game: Kirby for the SNES
Favorite Anime: NANA, Terror in Resonance, Yuri on Ice!!!
Favorite Manga: Higurashi, Saiyuki, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and Oyasumi Punpun
Favorite Games: Ace Attorney series, DanganRonpa series, Zero Escape series

follow on twitter: @sovereignflaw
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cosplay page:

Trystan Icon.jpg

I rather hate introductions, which is funny since I’m the one who suggested we do new introductions. But we really do need them. We’ve had this blog for a little over two years and our original introduction posts are buried way back at the start.

My name is Trystan. I am a young adult woman who has been watching anime since childhood (I watched a lot of Toonami and Adult Swim as a kid) and got into manga in fifth grade. This means me and anime have a history together, one I enjoy sharing with the world. This is one of big reasons I blog. I enjoy talking to other anime fans, something you don’t get to do too often when you grow up in a small town in the Midwest. I can’t complain too much though since this is town brought Aster and I together and we’ve been friends for about 11 years now.

I hope we can continue to have a fun time on Entertainment Review Project and I hope everyone reading enjoys their time on our blog!

First Anime: Pokemon and Sailor Moon
First Manga: Inuyasha
First Video Game Console: Super Nintendo (Some of my favorites from then are Kirby Superstar, Super Mario Kart, and Super Mario World)
Favorite Anime: Cluster Edge, Oh Edo Rocket, & Un-Go
Favorite Manga: MeruPuri: Marchen Prince
Favorite Game: Spyro: Year of the Dragon & Ape Escape 2


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