Izetta: The Last Witch Reivew

izettaStory: 8
Art/Animation: 9
Sound: 9
Characters: 7
Enjoyment: 8

Set on the eve of World War II in an alternate time, Izetta: The Last Witch pits a small European nation, Eylstadt, against this world’s version of Germany, Germania. The princess of Eylstadt, Fine, is attempting to acquire allied support for her country when she comes into contact with Izetta. Izetta is a witch who vows to use her power to protect Eylstadt in order to repay Fine’s kindness.

The show follows Fine and Izetta’s lives as war unfolds across Europe and Eylstadt struggles to stay independent. Throughout the fight we meet many people on both sides of the conflict who help to flesh out this alternative reality. This includes Bianca, the captain of Eylstadt’s Royal Guard, Seig who is responsible for Eylstadt’s intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, as well as members of the Germainian Empire including Berkman, a member of the Germanian Special Unit who is tasked with proving the existence of witches, his right hand man Rickert, a young noble who desires to make his own way in the world, and even Otto, a firm believer in witches and the maniacal emperor of Germania.

maxresdefault-1I spent a lot of Izetta wondering where the show was going to go. Was Eylstadt going to win or was Germania going to dominate? In the end Izetta: The Last Witch was able to masterfully blend two girls relationship with a world on the edge of destruction. Thankfully neither of these two aspects get lost in the mix. Izetta and Fine’s relationship is built well and remains a solid focal point throughout the show even as other characters face their own demons. Crazy battles are blended with the emotions of the soldiers fighting and we are treated to two very compelling stories: that of Izetta and Fine as well as Eylstadt’s attempt at victory. The war rages on and both stories come to a climax as the world is forever changed by Izetta: The Last Witch.

Ajia-Do Animation Works did a wonderful job on Izetta; the show is beautifully animated. Normal warfare looks crisp and terrifying while magical warfare receives an even bigger spotlight and comes out breathtaking. The way magic is represented, as small, floating, green orbs, is spectacular and creates a stunning image whenever magic is used. To match the wonderful animation we have been given an amazingly orchestrated soundtrack. I feel it necessary to point out that Izetta’s soundtrack was created by composer Michiru and this is her first work. Izetta’s score is a mix of more classical pieces while also featuring synthetic sounds. One interesting part of the soundtrack is the use of vocals throughout. These vocals provide some of the most intense and beautiful moments in the soundtrack and give it a huge amount of character. For her first work in an anime, Michiru has already proven she’s a force to be reckoned with.

While there are definitely some problems in Izetta (such as the completely unnecessary fanservice) it also managed to be a compelling war time drama. I’ve seen many people complain about the series, and there are legitimate problems with the show, but  I, personally, found it to be an enjoyable show to binge over a couple day period and recommend it for the combination of beautiful animation and the stellar soundtrack.


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