Nice But Mediocre – Interviews With Monster Girls Review

IWMG ReviewStory: 6
Art/Animation: 7
Sound: 6
Characters: 6
Enjoyment: 8

Another season has come and gone and so the time has come for anibloggers all across the web to discuss the plethora of offerings that Winter 2017 had to offer. Today we are going to be talking about a show that can be accurately summed up as “cute girls doing cute things” but this time the girls aren’t just cute high schoolers, oh no, this time they’re demi humans or humans with different natures. So now, instead of plain old ordinary girls, we get to watch a vampire, snow woman, and dullahan go around having cute adventures all while they try to live successfully in a society that doesn’t really know how to handle them.

If cute demi humans doing cute things doesn’t seem like enough of a story, don’t worry, they thought of that. To round out our cast we have Tetsuo Takahashi, a biology teacher. Takahashi has long been interested in demi humans but has never met one. Lucky for him (and to make the show not boring) the school he works for hires a demi human teacher, the succubus, Sakie Sato, plus there are three demi students in the new first year class.

AWSubs_Demi_chan_wa_Kataritai_04_480p_EE38This is where we meet Hikari, the vampire, Yuki, the aptly named snow woman, and Machi, the best girl, er, I mean, dullahan (think headless horseman). Each girl has her own problems due to their unique nature and with Takahashi’s help they are eventually able to solve some of their everyday problems. Be it bullying, overheating, or general everyday teenager problems Takahashi is there to help.

A big plus for this show, at least in my opinion, is the art style. It isn’t amazing or groundbreaking but all the characters feel unique and it is certainly always pleasant to look at. This helped solidify Interviews with Monster Girls as one of the series I use to relax. I often watch slice of life shows before work and during my lunch break to help calm my anxiety. Interviews with Monster Girls was able to make me laugh and take my mind off of the real world for a bit and for this I am grateful.

493853fddb807b2266d7f8d41d465a52Despite the fact that it helped me relax I really wish the show had spent more time looking at the issues each girl faced in daily life. Episodes that focused on Machi’s unique situation as one of three living dullahan’s in the world, and the only one in Japan, were really interesting. The parts the focused on the nature of succubus was another intriguing point. If the show had chosen to focus on these differences rather than the girls’ daily adventures (with minimal demi features) it would have been a much better show. At the end of the day, though, even with an interesting plot we really ended up with a super average show and as much as I like Machi, she alone cannot save a show from mediocrity.

This show really had some good moments but that didn’t prevent it from turning out super average. One of the best moments though was in episode 11. You can click here to read my post about how Interviews with Monster Girls teaches us that being colorblind isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


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