Such a Shame – WorldEnd Review

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Story:  4
Art/Animation: 6
Characters: 4
Sound: 5
Enjoyment: 5

WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? (Hereby referred to solely as WorldEnd because that title is ridiculous) is a sci-fi drama anime that aired during the Spring 2017 season. Earth now consists of floating islands, since the ground has long been claimed by monsters. We follow Willem Kmetsch as the last human left on Earth. Despite once being a soldier himself, he is now just trying to survive in the world when he is offered a job in the military.

The military needs someone to watch over a weapon storehouse. But these aren’t just ordinary weapons. No, this storehouse is home to a race of fairies known as Leprechauns who are the only beings in the world capable of wielding dug weapons, which are powerful, ancient swords that can fight and destroy the monsters that have claimed Earth’s soil. Now Willem finds himself helplessly watching over a house full of girls as he sends them off to fight a war for Earth’s survival.

Main Characters: Ctholly & Willem

Sounds promising, right? And for a while WorldEnd is able to keep adding interesting layers to the show by giving us a fascinating post-apocalyptic world, a pretty knowledgeable protagonist, and a gripping story. But WorldEnd can’t keep up long and midway through it gets lost in its own narrative. Should it be a love story? How about a war story? A slice of life? All of the above in twelve episodes with abysmal characterization and no reason to care for the characters? I’ll let you take a guess as to which route WorldEnd took (hint: it’s the last one).

I don’t want to be harsh on this show. The first half is genuinely good. The art is decent (and sometimes even fantastic) and is full of fantastic vocal tracks that match the magical world the story is set in. In fact the world might be the best part of the show. It has an interesting history both before and after the downfall of humanity with the remaining populations living on floating islands just barely surviving attacks from monsters that claim the surface. But as good as the world seems, we see very little of it and after the first six episodes things take a bad turn. At one point I actively thought, “This show has no emotional pull,” which is terrible for a show based around the emotional wartime lives of the characters.

Speaking of the characters only a few of them are even notable. Willem Kmetsch, as the only human left on Earth, had a very interesting role. It was also fascinating to see how he reacted and treated the fairies in the storehouse. Plus as a former soldier, Willem was able to help the fairies become more proficient fighters rather than objects to be thrown at monters.

The main fairy is Ctholly (pronounced something like Kutori) but honestly, she’s kind of boring. I could talk about what made her awful but they really kind of took her personality and badly focused it in on one thing and it destroyed anything good she had going on. It’s a shame because her position as oldest fairy was a much more interesting facet of her personality. My favorite of the fairies was easily Nephren, the quite, contemplative type of the group. She doesn’t have much focus but she is often seen interacting with Willem while he does research and other tasks as well as looking out for the fairies emotional wellbeing. So while her own personality isn’t super revealed, she had the biggest impact on me during the shows run.

Best Girl goes to Nephren

Last thing: the ending. I’m not going to spoil this, in case you want to watch WorldEnd for yourself, but it was crap. After you get to episode 6/7 you can pretty much guess what the shows finale is going to be. It takes some huge leaps to get there and even goes so far as to introduce new fairies in the last couple episodes who aren’t really worth much except some plot exposition. And by this point in the show, the few things that come to light either a) aren’t a surprise to you or b) don’t change your opinion on what’s happening. All it does is cause Willem to go from a pretty good semi-harem protagonist to an unfocused mess that the show really tries to redeem during the last episode.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend WorldEnd unless you just can’t stop your curiosity or you like saying you’ve seen questionably bad shows. I also won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy parts of this show. The first half is a legitimately good show. I’ve also heard the light novels on which it is based are tons better and that the show skipped out on necessary plot points and world building. Based on how WorldEnd turned out, I believe it. WorldEnd had quite a bit of potential that was wasted by being shoved into 12 episodes. In the end it couldn’t figure out what type of show it wanted to be causing it to crash and burn.


WorldEnd is one of only four shows I watched during the Spring 2017 season, the others being The World YAMIZUKAN, Twin Angel Break and My Hero Academia. I was going to watch Attack on Titan S2 but the fact that it was only 12 episodes annoyed me so I decided to let it end before watching it and I haven’t gotten around. I’ve actually already reviewed Twin Angel Break on Let’s Talk Anime so click the link to see that one. Until next time, bye!


One thought on “Such a Shame – WorldEnd Review

  1. This show definitely had its ups and downs but overall I enjoyed it. I think it will be better watched in a single viewing and it could have cut at least three episodes from its run time, but still fun.

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