Late to the Hype: A Tiger & Bunny Review 

Art/Animation: 8

Story: 8

Characters: 7.5 

Soundtrack: 7

Enjoyment: 9

Total: 7.9 
Tiger & Bunny is set in a distant future where heroes represent real life sponsors/brands. The story revolves around clumsy, veteran hero, Kotetsu “Tiger” and pretty-boy hero, Barnaby “Bunny”. The two are forced by their boss to work together despite having different goals and ideals of how a hero should be. The best way I can describe this show to younger fans would be “My Hero Academia but for adults and more political.” 

I know, I know I’m a few years late to this party. With the recent addition of the show to Netflix’s catalog I was FINALLY able to watch it. 

I would honestly say that this was worth the wait. Sunrise and Bandai have held a huge place in my heart from my “weeababy” phase with S-CRY-ed and Code Geass. While this show isn’t exactly directed at female fans, it certainly has eye candy for both men and women alike. 

The soundtrack really knows how to set the mood at every turn and I really loved the first opening theme a ton. The animation and art is also stellar. There’s a lot of CG that I wasn’t sure I could get past but it was easy to adapt to and fit well with the action-packed, story-driven series. 

While I have some minor complaints- mostly about the open-ended bits, I was really happy with how the story tied itself up. There’s a cast of pretty great, though sometimes annoying (Sky High), characters. I really wish some of these characters would have been fleshed out a bit more but the characters they did focus on were well-rounded. Despite its seinen label, this show not only features a gender-nonconforming-female-aligned character in the form of the hero Fire Emblem, the creators have decided that Barnaby and Kotetsu’s relationship is ‘up to interpretation.’ The female characters aren’t overly specialized to a gimmicky point either. 

With a diverse cast, cool soundtrack, and overall great story- I’d definitely rewatch this show again. 

Certainly this show has been a wild ride start to finish and I’d love to watch the movies and see what comes next with this dynamic duo. All aboard the 6 year old hype train! 


2 thoughts on “Late to the Hype: A Tiger & Bunny Review 

  1. Well, than I am even later to the party as I have yet to see this one 🙈 It looks like a great series though. I don’t mind older animation, as I still enjoy watching 80’s animation for instance. Even though my backlog animelist of things I still need to see is already way too big, I will be adding this one. Another great review 😊


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