The Definition of Romantic Comedy – Tsuredure Children Review – 12 Days of Anime

Surprise! ERP will be doing the 12 Days of Anime! I just never got around to posting about it until now, the day it starts. All 12 days will be spent reviewing anime I either missed during 2017 or didn’t write a review for when I watched them. I’m hoping to do all 12 days without missing them but I wasn’t able to get as many posts prewritten as I wanted so I have to try really hard now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next 12 days!

dec04dbcd96f52536fd25439d45487841499177523_fullTsuredure Children is a summer 2017 romantic comedy that highlights high school romances. From crushes unlikely to go anywhere to those who are able to successfully start a relationship, Tsuredure Children dives into relationships from every angle. Each episode is just 12 minutes and with only 12 episodes that makes Tsuredure Children a really quick watch. I somehow missed that this was a short anime, which is unusual because I normally look them up every season since I enjoy short anime. When I was thinking about what anime to review for 12 Days of Anime I remembered seeing quite a few hilarious clips from Tsuredure and figured it was worth checking out, especially when I considered that it had gotten a simuldub from Funimation.

This is one show I can easily say should be watched by everyone. If you don’t chuckle at least once during the show there might be a problem because this show is funny. At first you might think there are too many characters with the showing having 6+ romances happening all once but despite the large cast, Tsuredure manages to continually pull it off. Each episode shows us three segments that involve various couples and for the most part each one gets a good amount of screen time and each relationship is vastly different.

Kana and Chiaki

Second years Takase and Kanda can’t seem to confess to each other, Kamine has to deal with her boyfriend Goda’s dense nature, Sugawara can’t seem to get his crush Takano to even realize he has feelings for her, I’m still rooting for Kana and Chiaki to finally kiss, the relationship between Furuya and Minagawa is just a bizarre mess, and overall I just want to see more of the Akagi/Kaji pair. And these aren’t even all of the characters you’ll meet.

So yes, there’s quite a bit going on at any given moment but Tsuredure never feels crowded or overwhelming and perhaps it’s because the show takes place at one school. Rather than a normal romance that starts out following one girl/guy pair and eventually you watch their friends get together, Tsuredure Children is like watching all the romantic relationships of one school. One day we get to see Takase and Kanda ponder whether or not to confess via text message while the next day we get to see the school’s resident ‘dating master’ help a girl get over her broken heart.

The animation for the show is good but not perfect while the sound is absolutely fantastic. The show manages to pull of several different styles to match each couples awkward moments while the opening is quite cute and the ending a decent slow song they play over the last seconds of each episode (something I’m a huge fan of).

I personally watched the English dub which was absolutely fantastic. Due to the sheer number of characters we get to see a huge variety of voice actors/actresses and each one played their roles fantastically. I did watch the first episode of the Japanese and it just didn’t feel like it had as much life as the English dub. I didn’t get to hear all of the characters so some of the others could have been really good but the first episode wasn’t as engaging in Japanese as it was English, at least for me.

Furuya and Minagawa

Overall this was one fantastic series and is perfect for binge watching. I’m not normally a binge watcher but I did take a couple hours recently to shotgun this entire show and it was not a mistake. I’m looking forward to being able to pick up the manga now and see how the lives of these high schoolers and their romances continue.

Rating Scale: Must Watch – due to the insane comedy and ridiculous scenarios I feel most people can relate to, not to mention the short run time, I think Tsuredure Children is a show everyone should at least try and even if you don’t like it you won’t have wasted much time on it.


3 thoughts on “The Definition of Romantic Comedy – Tsuredure Children Review – 12 Days of Anime

  1. Hmm, rewatching these silly kids again sounds like a good idea…maybe I should consider checking out the dub and see if it’s as good as you say.

    (Note, very picky dub watcher haha). But I agree on the Tsuredure Children recommendation. It’s very good.

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