Beware the Loli – Angel’s 3Piece! Review – 12 Days of Anime

Description (taken from Crunchyroll): A shut-in ever since he had a traumatic experience, Nukui Hibiki’s [Uh, he’s first name is actually Kyo and his online name is HibikiP] biggest hobby has been using vocalization software to create and uploading songs online. One day, he receives an email from some fifth-grader girls, asking to meet and discuss something with him. The three girls, who have grown up together almost like siblings, ask him to help them show their gratitude to the people who have taken care of them. The method they’ve devised? Putting on a successful concert at a place full of memories.

Nozomi, Sora, Jun

Angel’s 3Piece! aired in the summer of 2017 and is a show I saw absolutely no one talk about during that time. Afterall, I have the Crunchyroll description of Angel’s 3Piece! first for a very important reason: I want you to understand exactly what I knew when I went into this show. Nothing, I knew nothing prior to reading the description. And so when I turned on the show I got a pretty big surprise. This is because Angel’s 3Piece! contains Loli, a type of fan service that targets prepubescent girls.

You might be asking why I bothered to watch the show once I noticed the Loli and the answer is a definite I don’t know. The show only periodically proved it was a Loli and for the rest of the time proved to be extremely cute. Despite the Loli tag, Angel’s 3Piece! is more prominently a story about three young orphans who don’t want to lose their home. These three fifth grade girls think the best way to save their hom is to recruit Kyo, start a band, and make the old church on their property a music hall. Innocent and cute Jun is the band’s guitarist, Nozomi is the tsundere and bassist, and Sora would prefer to spend all her time sleeping, eating, and playing the drums. Kyo, the main character of the show, shy but is ultimately a good guy and the only voice of reason in the show.

But you can already see the growing problem can’t you? A high schooler surrounded by a group of elementary school girls who want him to become their producer? Yeah, that sounds like the perfect plot setup for a Loli anime, doesn’t it?

Best girl, Sakura

And why there are indeed Loli moments, they tend to be rather sporadic during the first half of the series and then suddenly ramp up in the second half. While watching the first half I could at least pretend that I was watching a normal show that wasn’t made to pander towards an unfavorable audience, especially when it had a nice story that actually tackled the rather uncommon issue of adoption and what happens when a long lost relative resurfaces. Not to mention that Kyo has an actual love interest that isn’t one of the 11 year old girls. Sakura Toriumi, Kyo’s classmate and a fellow orphan who lives with the girls, is the best girl of Angel’s 3Piece. She may be a tsundere but she is one of the best I’ve seen in years and is actually capable of being nice and not just mean. She adds a much needed layer to the group by providing more than just an onslaught of little girls.


But when the second half saw the girls go to a small island in Japan to perform a concert, suddenly there was more Loli than ever. A beach episode, this weird incident with deer, and even a completely unnecessary ‘date’ episode. The worst part is everything up through episode 9 is actually pretty good. Episode 10 however moves secondary character Kiryu into the main cast and things go downhill immediately. Kiryu believes she is engaged to Kyo, thinks he should automatically like her, and forces her way into plenty of weird situations all because she wants to spend time with him. Kiryu’s continued presence after her arc ruins the peaceful mood and relaxing story this show had going on until now and she taints the last three episodes of the series.

[HorribleSubs] Tenshi no 3P! - 09 [720p]_001_27163
The show ruiner herself, Kiryu

I hate to talk so nicely about a series that includes Loli but really if you take out a handful of scenes you have a surprisingly cute and calming show whose overall score took a hit the second Kiryu came back into the picture. I hate to say it but she really did lower my opinion of the show.

Thankfully Angel’s 3Piece! has more going for it than just a good story. The art is excellent (although when a show wants to focus on fan service you would hope the art is good). And more importantly than that the music is absolutely wonderful. You would not expect a band that features three fifth graders to have amazing music and yet this show proves that talent exceeds age. If Angel’s 3Piece! would spend all of its time letting us see the growth of the girl’s band, it would actually end up an excellent music show. In the end though Angel’s 3Piece! suffers from its Loli tag and the pandering that ensues to please a certain crowd.


Rating Scale: Only watch if, you can ignore the mild Loli (which goes from barely there to slightly more prevalent mid way through), and you like cute and generally heartwarming stories featuring music.

I would have liked to include my favorite song used in the show but clips of the performances are hard to find. The ending theme is sung by the girl’s voice actors and in the same style as the rest of the show, so it does fit. Plus it is one of my favorite songs from the series but does not beat Sora’s performance from episode 9.


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