I Didn’t Know This was a Harem – In Another World With My Smartphone – 12 Days of Anime

When In Another World With My Smartphone was airing over the summer I remember seeing a lot of pictures and thinking, “Hey, this looks interesting.” I went in super blind. I didn’t know this was a harem.

It’s not that harem’s are bad, I just like to know what I’m getting into. I assumed I was getting another isekai show but this time the protagonist’s gimmick is that he gets to keep his smartphone. And that assumption isn’t wrong. The main character, Mochizuki Touya, is struck by lightning one day and dies. Turns out God was just throwing lightning around and accidentally killed Touya. Since this was an accident God decides to resurrect Touya but the rules state that it has to be in a new world.

Touya takes this all pretty well but God isn’t done. God decides to give Touya a wish since he, y’know, killed Touya. Touya’s only request is to keep his smartphone which actually worked out well since Touya was going to a world with magic. God decides to give Touya an affinity for magic as well as a general increase in strength and stamina. So Touya goes on to live a new life in a whole new world.

In_Another_World_With_My_Smartphone_Screenshot_0031You might think that we’d get to see Touya struggle when he gets to this new world. I mean, he’ll be lucky to be able to talk to those around him not to mention finding a place to live. In reality Touya has the best luck and a man offers to give him money for his school uniform. Then Touya saves a pair of beautiful twins who help him find lodging and end up teaming up with him to complete quests as an adventurer.

And then Touya learns about magic. There are seven elements and people of Touya’s new world are born with affinities for various ones and generally only have affinity for one element, if any. God however gave Touya an affinity for magic, all magic. Touya not only has an affinity for the six normal elements but also null magic. Null magic, also known as personal magic, is an extremely varied category that can do pretty much anything.

So Touya is stronger, faster, and magically equipped, plus he has his smartphone. And while it can no longer call people from his original world, it can call God as well as access the internet and news from his world. You might be realizing my issue right about now. Touya is a Mary Sue (is there a guy version for that? Manny Sue?). He is as perfect a fighter as can be, he’s nice, generous, and humble.

Linze, one of the twins and early member of Touya’s harem.

Maybe if there had been a point or an enemy this would have been okay but instead Touya just ammasses a harem. He gets four girls to fall in love with him, doesn’t realize it, and is shocked when they keep hitting on him. One or the other and I don’t think I’d have such a big problem with it but really? Touya has little problems adjusting to this world and then is just an amazing guy who gets like every girl ever.


And the worst part of it all is that I enjoyed the show. Even now as I’m complaining about various things I found myself enjoying this show. I want a season 2 and I can barely fathom why I enjoyed In Another World With My Smartphone and yet at the same time I keep thinking, “if they don’t make a season 2 I’m going to be so upset.”

paula-in-a-different-world-with-a-smartphone-126481I think my biggest issue is that I recognize the problems with the show but early on it’s actually pretty fun regardless of easy Touya gets it. And while the fanservice element increases in the second half, I had plenty of fun characters to pay attention to instead of the onslaught of boobs. My favorite character is Paula the walking teddy bear whose body makes an overly adorable squeaking sound when she walks. Another great character is God who enjoys helping/making fun of Touya. God’s scenes really are some of the best in the show.

You may have noticed that I’m not talking about any of the harem, all four to six of them. That’s really because I don’t think they matter that much. Yes they add personality but they aren’t going to make you want to watch the show. You either like/deal with Touya’s perfectness to see how ridiculously things unfold or you don’t watch the show. I just don’t see the girls’ affecting your decision to stick with this show, they aren’t that memorable.

1509633880And really neither is this show. There is one thing I’ll always remember about In Another World With My Smartphone (that’s a spoiler so I won’t be writing it) and it’s not the characters or the story. I bet I’ll think of the opening from time to time since it’s really catchy and I enjoyed it but that’s about it. The visuals are average, the design is okay but average, the story is a tad unique and a tad more average. You get the picture.

Rating Scale: Only Watch If, you really like harems or just can’t resist. If it wasn’t for the fact that In Another World With My Smartphone has one truly unique factor later on, a good opening, and is at least mildly enjoyable I would have given it a never watch. But enjoyment convinced me to boost it a level because at least early on it’s a decent comedy show.


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