My Top 5 Movies of 2017

Warning: This post is relatively spoiler free. However, it does touch on the sensitive subject of death of a family member.
This year I had the opportunity to see a large number of anime movies in theaters ranging from Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic to many Ghibli movies as well as the Tokyo Ghoul Live Action. However, it’d be difficult to list them all here so I’ve chosen to write a bit about my five favorites from the year. The order doesn’t matter too much on these other than my number 1 pick.
5. No Game No Life Zero

I’d been very mildly interested in No Game No Life for some time but with life cropping up and more interesting looking shows on my radar, I hadn’t gotten around to watching it. And then Trystan told me that not only was the movie coming to theaters, but our little state of Indiana was getting it.

So we did what we do best- we binge-watched an entire show just to go see an anime movie in theater. And let me tell you, it was not a mistake. The visuals of this movie were stunning and I found that I liked the past-life versions of the two main characters a little bit more than their main series counterparts. Blasphemy, I know. I found myself more emotionally drawn to these characters and I almost sobbed in the middle of the theater. This movie was fantastic with a gorgeous soundtrack. It’s highly recommended for fans old and new as one doesn’t necessarily need to see the first series to enjoy the movie.

4. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

I know some people are thinking “ugh, SAO, really?” And I respect that but hear me out or skip to the next movie on this list. This movie is a must watch for SAO fans and may even be enjoyable for others.

I’ve been meaning to write about this one for almost a year now The night I saw Ordinal Scale was the night my mother died, March 9th. I almost didn’t go but tickets were $15, already paid for, and I needed an escape. Unfortunately, some of the subject matter was hard on me as someone who had just experienced what I had.

However, this movie was fantastic and I don’t regret seeing it. Ordinal Scale was a wonderful combination of everything SAO is. The idea of augmented reality versus VR was an incredible angle for SAO and I feel as though the movie had pretty good pacing. It serves as a bridge between season two and the upcoming season so it’s kind of important to watch it. The character designs are pretty and there’s a special cameo that almost broke me.

3. Your Name (Kimi no na Wa)

I saw this movie with my best friend and co-blog runner, Trystan, as well as her mother. I’d been really interested in the film despite how few Shinkai films I had seen prior. It looked beautiful as well as fun and full of emotions. And it was. This movie had so many things I loved and the body swap trope felt done right.

I honestly thought this movie would go the way of a certain other film (5 Centimeters Per Second) but thankfully it did not. Your Name drew me in with impeccable visuals, cute character designs, a great story, and a fantastic soundtrack. In fact, the band RADWIMPS did English covers of their own songs for the dub of the movie which I thought was a nice touch.

This is one movie that I’ve managed to own this year. In fact, I just received it as a present from Trystan’s mom which made the gift even more special. I definitely sense a rewatch or two of the movie in my future.


2. Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel — I: Presage Flower

Oh boy, oh gosh. I could go on for DAYS about the Fate franchise but I’ll spare you. I was incredibly lucky to go see this movie (with Trystan, yet again) and let me tell you, I cannot wait for more.

Unpopular opinion but Sakura is not my “best girl” in Fate. However, the HF route is already off to an incredibly intriguing start in its film trilogy. This movie DOES require you to have seen at the bare minimum the Unlimited Blade Works TV series but I would also recommend Zero and, perhaps warily, the original Fate anime. The Heavens Feel creators expect you to have prior knowledge of the series so they don’t have to waste precious time on the silver screen. Unfortunately, this meant missing out on a few of my favorite fights but the fights that were included were breathtaking and made my heart pound. Seeing UFOtable’s work on the big screen was a goal I never knew I had until the announcement of the film trilogy. The first installment had a nice pacing though there were points were I felt the movie could’ve ended but it kept going. Despite these weird spots that felt like good stopping points, I found the movie to be one of my favorites this year. I can’t wait to own it when it comes out.

  1. A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi)

This movie. God, I don’t even know where to begin with this movie. What a beautifully depressing pick for my number one, right?

As a disabled individual who has struggled with crippling depression as well as suicidal ideation, this movie hit way, way too close to home in all the right and wrong ways. As stated prior in this post, I lost my mom back in March. Naturally, this flared my depression back up and I found myself once again struggling with some of the feelings this movie touches on. As such, I’d say this movie hit theaters when I needed it most.

While, obviously, I cannot 100% relate to someone with a different disability than my own, a lot of what was depicted are things myself and many others have dealt with as well.  Kids are assholes, they treat those they don’t understand like crap and they act as though physical disabilities as if they are some sort of communicable disease. Bullying is a hard thing to struggle with and this gorgeous Kyo-Ani film takes a look at that and more. The fear and feeling of being a burden to your able-bodied loved ones and finding love through adversity are just a few of the “too relatable” things this movie touched on.

The characters are pretty well rounded and full of emotions. The adaptation didn’t feel too rushed or clunky except perhaps in the very beginning. And while I had some personal issues with how a certain scene was portrayed, I loved this, so so much. I would honestly recommend this movie to so many people- even those who don’t like anime.

My chest felt tight and strained as I fount back tears through most of this movie and I can honestly say the really long drive we took to go see it was worth every second.

This were my Top 5 Favorites from 2017. What were yours?



2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Movies of 2017

  1. Well: I am a huuge Sword Art Online fan, but unfortunately the movie isn’t available for me at the moment (it hasn’t been released in my country). I really am sorry to hear about your mother’s death. I can completely understand wanting a release at that moment. I’m glad the movie managed to give you that.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the movie myself. Enjoyed reading your post 😀


    1. Thank you and I really hope you can see the movie soon. There was a little clip before the movie in theaters where Kirito’s Seiyuu said it was a combination of everything SAO up until that point and it is 100% true. Its fantastic!


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