ER Project is a team of two young women who enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. We have discussed for sometime the possibility of publishing reviews that focus on the things that we enjoy. After we become more established we may be taking submissions from guest-writers. There will also be tumblr-exclusive & wordpress-exclusive reviews!

Summed up: You can look forward to episode reviews, series reviews, top “5” lists, and more!

Questions? Comments? Have something you want us to consider reviewing? Post a comment!

Follow us on tumblr!


You can also look at our MyAnimelist pages! The ERP one will include the things we are going to review!

Alyssa: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/SovereignFlaw
Trystan: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Sasuke10271994


  1. Thank you! I’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t been able to do my post for the previous nomination but when I do, I’ll make sure to answer your questions too!


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